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    CEO Logan confident that the Scalada and Artemis missions "fit seamlessly"

    Singapore (MMD Newswire) December 19, 2012 -- Manley Logan, CEO of Scalada Holdings Ltd., announced today his company's intention to enter the 2013 Artemis Top 50 Water Tech Competition aimed at identifying the most promising advanced water technology companies worldwide and to support their entry into the full scale of their markets. Scalada is already considered among the most innovative and cost effective providers for the treatment of wastewaters produced in oil and gas production.

    The Artemis Top 50 is hosted by Artemis Water Strategy, a boutique consulting practice dedicated to working with advanced water technology companies that are driving a new wave of technology and economic development in the field.

    "I am confident that Scalada Holdings' unique and patented Elemental Ionization System fits seamlessly with the Artemis mission," stated CEO Manly. "Our mission at Scalada is no less than the total clean up and recycling of wastewaters in a manner which is economically and environmentally viable and sustainable."

    The Artemis Top 50 competition evaluates companies and their flagship products from three perspectives: Technology, Application, and Business Viability. Scalada's onsite technology supports all three criteria through a special combination of elemental ion chargers and non-contaminating additives to remediate, recycle, and reuse contaminated water in ways which are already considered faster, cleaner, and more efficient than any other company worldwide.

    The 2012 Artemis Top 50 were awarded in September at the Water Innovation Summit in Berkeley, California in partnership with the Cleantech Group. Jurists included experts from Intel, Archer Daniels Midland, and IBM, as well as the CTO of Singapore's Public Utilities Board.

    To learn more about Scalada Holdings Ltd. and its business of bringing green solutions to the global marketplace that produce sustainable outcomes, visit

    Contact person: Jeremy Merritt, Vice President

    Scalada Holdings Ltd

    Contact Phone: +65 6809 2235

    Contact Email:



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    Orlando, FL (MMD Newswire) December 19, 2012 -- ReflectX Services is a nationwide company that specializes in providing physical therapy jobs and occupational therapy jobs for both direct hire and travel positions. They have successfully placed and filled thousands of positions in these areas over these past many years. ReflectX Services have provided medical staffing services to hospitals, outpatient clinics, physician offices, LTAC's, SNF's and schools. Their innovative recruiting methods have helped secure the most talented therapists throughout the United States.

    ReflectX Services now offers a special bonus Butterfly Bucks Retention program for travel therapists. By accepting a travel position, therapists have the potential to earn up to $2500 in bonuses in their program. This is a great way for ReflectX Services to show appreciation for those willing to travel with their company. How this works is that travel therapists can earn an unlimited cash bonus for each hour worked with them.

    Those that have been hired for travel physical therapy and occupational therapy jobs if they have signed on for a new assignment and are confirmed for a subsequent assignment on or before the end of the benefit eligibility period will receive Butterfly Bucks. These Butterfly Bucks are in the amount equal to $1.00 multiplied by the total number of hours worked in the most recent assignment. All subsequent assignments will receive Butterfly Bucks in the same way each time an additional assignment is confirmed. ReflectX Services also is proud of their loyalty bonus program of $500 after the completion of 2,080 hours of work.

    ReflectX Services has continued to one of the leading healthcare job companies in the United States since 2001. They have also been recognized in 2007 as the 11th fastest growing small business in Entrepreneur Magazine's "Hot 500."

    They can be contacted by telephone at (800) 806-6026 or online at

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    December 19, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- As part of the local campaign to improve the takeup of LED lighting, LED Choice have been doing a number of talks to local business and transition groups in the Surrey area including Dorking Business Breakfast Group , Transition Ashtead, and Transition Bookham.

    With high and rising interest in LED Lighting, and in particular the changeover of LED spotlights and LED standard shaped bulbs and how it can reduce energy costs, replace CFL (low energy bulbs) which the majority find frustrating given the length of time that they take to warm up, and avoid more blown bulbs.

    On Thursday 1st November they talked on LED lighting to the Epsom & Ewell Energy Group, and how they can help cut carbon emissions as well as costs. Groups such as these are leading the charge towards LED lighting as they are key first adopters of new technology that reduces the impact on the planet.

    This then also highlights why LED can make such a huge difference, as unlike many renewable technologies and energy saving measures, it allows people to save carbon but also save money, its rated by McKinsey as having the best carbon abatement rating of all technologies (for the switch from incandescent to LED). This means that when looking at everything from lighting to solar to heat pumps to carbon capture, LED lighting offers the best combination of cutting CO2 levels while also offering a financial benefit.

    For more information, visit LED Choice at Or contact their sales team at 0845 625 0331

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    USA Dawgs, Inc. Launches New Safety Boot Line Co-Branded with Firestone Tread Design Featuring the Latest in Composite Materials and Comfort

    LAS VEGAS (MMD Newswire) December 19, 2012 -- USA Dawgs, Inc. , is excited to announce the introduction of one of the world's lightest safety boots with composite features in the industry, with its new Ultralite Safety Line.

    DAWGS development goal has been to aim high and protect the foot at all costs, from the inside out. By utilizing the latest technology in lightweight/comfort/stability and combining that with the Firestones legacy of sure grip technology in the Destination A/T tread design a master crafted safety boot line has been born.

    By adhering to the strictest of safety standards while offering reinforcement and comfort, the DAWGS collection provides high-quality footwear for hard working professionals in all trades. Features of the Ultralite Safety Line include a CSA approved Grade 1 construction toecap, which is distinctly designed to protect the worker without the weight of steel. A Kevlar flex puncture shield, built in electrical shock resistant protection along with an oil and slip resistant Firestone outsole. These industrial strength boots are designed to get you through the day protected!

    USA Dawgs Launches New Safety Boot Firestone Branded Outsole

    The product line consists of the Ultralite 8" Comfort Pro, which comes in two different styles- one that is waterproof and the other is constructed with a heavy-duty YKK side zipper for quick on and off ability. The Ultralite 6" Comfort Pro is the powerhouse of the group with its versatility. A major player in the collection is the Ultralite 3" Comfort Pro,which is an all leather shoe fit for any terrain. Its companion is the lighter weight nylon version, the Ultralite 3" Flex. Lastly, there is the Prolite 6" Pull On, the duty boot of the line which easily slips on and off, providing ultimate convenience comfort and style.

    "We strived to produce a quality safety boot that will cater to the everyday demands of labor-based professions," said Steve Mann, CEO of DAWGS. "The Ultralite Safety Boot collection is strategically made for industry professionals requiring the utmost safety and protection without sacrificing comfort. Utilizing the durability of the Firestonetread design along with the comfort and support of DAWGS technology, these work boots will prove to be a top choice in footwear in the industry. "

    TheDAWGS Ultralite Safety Boot line has suggested retails between $99 and $189. They are available in men's sizes ranging from 8-15. For more information, please visit

    About DAWGS

    DAWGS is a rapidly growing manufacturer and distributor specializing in high-quality and value-priced footwear, with North American offices in Las Vegas, NV and in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. DAWGS brand footwear label quickly became a leader in the shoe industry's evolution towards new comfort available at a reasonable price point. The six product lines, DAWGS Original, Premium DAWGS Slip Resistant, DAWGS Golf, Sheep DAWGS/Fleece DAWGS and DAWGS Safety are highly durable, lightweight and low impact with excellent support. For more information, please visit

    James Donalson
    National Sales Manager
    USA Dawgs, Inc.

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    December 20, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- Every wine lover across the world, for at least once, wants to visit the beautiful city of Niagara in order to taste one of the most delicious Ontario Ice Wine. Ice wine is brewed from the frozen grapes thus named as Ice Wine. To pamper the taste buds of wine lovers came here, proper Ice Wine Festival in Niagara is celebrated every year in the month of January.

    The ice wine festival in Niagara is a perfect gateway for tourist to understand what is ice wine and how it is prepared. Besides, being a famous destination for the best ice wine in the world, this place has several scenic stopovers as well as a wonderful history. In 1781 the British Government purchased this land and established Butlersburg. This later was again named as West Niagara. In the year 1792, this area was incorporated as the Town of Newark, the capital of the Province of Upper Canada. Later in 1798, the town was named as Niagara.

    The present name was framed in the late 1800s to distinguish this place from the very famous Viagara Falls. Truly speaking, this town on the lake Niagara, is a wonderful place to enjoy visiting historical places, gardens, antique shops, galleries, world class theatres, delicious dining, shopping and wineries such as Peller Estate. Tourists visiting this place will surely enjoy the hospitality of the North Americans and served with a variety of luxurious and classy inns, hotels and spas.

    The Navy Hall, located near Fort George and the bank of Niagara River, was built in the year 1765 by the Royal Naval Commanders. Presently it houses antiques that reveal 200 years old history. Besides, its location on the town on the lake Niagara, offers the visitors with a serene and tranquil view of the river and Fort Niagara in New York.In a nutshell, Niagara is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays by exploring some of the most amazing stopovers as well as to taste the best ice wine across the world.

    Peller Estates is located at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Since the inception, we aimed to come up with world's finest ice wine. Thus, we use state of the art technologies to get you finely brewed Ice Wine of Niagara. We cater a wide range of ice wine including Vidal Ice wine, Riesling Ice wine, Cabernet Franc Ice wine, Oak Aged Vidal Blanc Ice wine.

    Peller Estates put our complete effort to come up with desired result. Till date we have served several customers with scrumptious ice wine brewed with the usage finest technologies.

    Peller Estates

    Address: 290 John Street East, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, L0S 1J0

    Phone No.: Toll-free (888) 673-5537


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    Austin, TX (MMD Newswire) December 20, 2012 -- The alarming increase in cases of osteoporosis is costing the Australian government $1billion each year (Garvan Institute, Sydney). A whitepaper produced by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) revealed that the rise in diagnosis and osteoporosis treatment is not only costly, but the result of a 'therapy gap' in the prevention and management of osteoporosis. This is particularly true in rural and remote parts of Australia where a lack of easy access to bone mineral density (BMD) screening is virtually impossible.

    MindwaysCT, a leading medical device applications provider, has signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with Mindways Australia to deploy QCT Pro™ software throughout Australia, including remote areas with little or no access to effective bone density screening. QCT PRO™ software produces bone densitometry reports for the spine and hip, and can be combined with other standard CT imaging procedures.

    An estimated 2 million Australians are living with osteoporosis and many more go undiagnosed until they suffer a fracture; with hip fractures being the most prevalent. QCT technology produces DXA-equivalent reports of the hip, and results can be integrated into other treatment tools such as FRAX. QCT spine measurements are made in the trabecular bone - where the first signs of decreasing in bone mass can be identified, making it possible to detect and treat osteoporotic conditions sooner than other screening technology.

    MindwaysCT Australia Managing Director, Jeff Wheeler said, "After using QCT PRO™ for over 10 years, I am truly excited to be providing local support to the Australian market and expanding the role of QCT in early detection of osteoporosis and fracture prevention. QCT has some clear advantages for bone density measurement in being able to reliably measure BMD in patients even when they have arthritis, aortic calcification, scoliosis or they are obese".

    In addition, hospitals and clinics in rural areas and with limited budgets can implement QCT software and conduct BMD screening on their existing CT scanners. Because QCT scans take less than five minutes of CT scanner time, radiology departments can conduct BMD tests and improve equipment utilization without overburdening them.

    MindwaysCT Head of Business Development Alan Brett said, 'We are very pleased to offer an alternative to DXA in a region in desperate need of affordable and accessible BMD screening. I'm confident that our technology will be well received, particularly in remote areas where existing equipment can be used and both spine and hip reports can be produced from a low-dose abdominal CT scan with radiation doses comparable to a mammogram.'

    Mindways CT QCT Pro bone densitometry systems are TGA registered and qualify for a rebate via Medicare. The system can be used with any DICOM-capable CT scanner.

    For more information about MindwaysCT Australia or QCT Pro™ software visit or call 1800 739 780.

    About MindwaysCT Software, Inc.

    MindwaysCT produces Quantitative CT (QCT) bone densitometry products for spine and hip bone density measurements. Established in 1997, MindwaysCT has been a constant innovator in the field of CT bone densitometry, introducing the world's first commercial 3D QCT spine systems and CTXA hip systems. MindwaysCT premier product, QCT Pro™ uses CT images to derive DXA-like hip BMD measurements and volumetric spine BMD measurements. QCT Pro™ hip BMD measurements are interpreted in the same manner as DXA, while spine measurements provide exceptional sensitivity to short-term bone density change. QCT Pro™ is fast, easy, covered by insurance, and provides the same clinical utility as DXA at a fraction of its cost. MindwaysCT has offices in Austin, Texas and Kiel, Germany.

    For more information on Mindways Software and QCT Pro™, please visit

    Media Contact:

    Alan Brett, VP Business Development

    +1 512 912 0871

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    December 20, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- The recent release of Apple's iPhone 5 has led to a number of medium sized businesses adopting new mobile technologies. In response to the increased demand San-IT has expanded their staff to include several dedicated iPhone 5 support specialists.

    Many businesses have found the increased functionality of the device a blessing and a curse. While the advanced features of the device lend new capabilities to business operations they also introduce confusion that leads to organizational inefficiency.

    The specialists provide more than basic repair and diagnostic services for these devices. They also provide best practices and help to implement policies that minimize the chaos that can be introduced when businesses adopt radical new technologies.

    With a well established clientele, San-IT was uniquely positioned to implement such a niche service offering. With years of experience delivering kind of IT support Stockford businesses demand, San-IT's clients were quick to recognize the need for the recommended addition to their core services.

    Several organizations have opted to maintain at least a part-time presence of these new specialists. They also provide 24 hour support in the event that an iPhone 5 causes any distress to employees working the late shift.

    Upcoming "iPhone 5 adoption" clinics are scheduled for businesses not currently utilizing San-IT's services. Two sessions will be held at a private location in Stockport on January 2nd, 2012. Businesses interested in taking advantage of this free clinic can register by contacting San-IT directly.

    "This is the IT support Manchester and Stockport really need," said Adam Jones, who serves as a point of contact for one of San-IT's larger clients. "They don't always need full time IT support, but when new technologies come along they are hopeful that someone can help."

    San-IT has provided similar clinics and workshops in the past. There are several scheduled throughout the early part of 2013, including several focused on the new technologies offered in Windows 8. "When things change in the world of IT businesses need to assess whether or not it is worth making the switch. Our goal with these clinics and workshops is to help them make an informed decision. There are no marketing pitches or promotions. Most of the businesses that participate don't even have the budget to hire us for regular maintenance. We just want to give something useful to the Manchester and Stockport communities."

    Adam Jones can be contacted directly for more information.

    Adam Jones

    San IT Ltd

    27A Station Road

    Cheadle Hulme



    SK8 5AF

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    Calgary, Canada (MMD Newswire) December 20, 2012 -- Gordon McDonald CEO & President at Process Pathways, the Canadian market leader in research management software, has been named one of Knowledge Mobilization's Top 100 Influencers of 2012.

    The Knowledge Mobilization 100 is an annual 'peek' at who is influencing thinking in the industry of knowledge mobilization. It is a peer-to-peer initiative that aims to answer the following questions: Who are the people that the knowledge mobilization field is paying attention to and what are some of the new or previously untapped resources available in that field.

    Gordon is an expert in research management systems. His company Process Pathways created ROMEO, an Enterprise Resource Planning solution that in unmatched in its capabilities for online database-driven solutions that manage certifications, track statuses and facilitates smooth fund disbursement. Gordon runs an extremely lean team and they are the market leader in their space. He has over 25 years of experience in systems design and operations management. Outside of his industry, Gordon is extremely interested in the Big Data and innovations from the crazy to the mundane.

    "I believe that every avenue you have to engage with customers and the general public, including social media, should be about interesting topics and not just as a mouthpiece to push out information about my company" says Gordon McDonald, "As a result of this philosophy I post and write about interesting stories, scientific discoveries, and research community news as well as associations connected to the research community."

    In addition to Process Pathways' CEO being named an influencer the company's twitter account @ProcessPathways was named one of the top social media resources.

    For more information on the Knowledge Mobilization 100, visit the website: For more information on Gordon McDonald and Process Pathways visit



    Meghan Somers

    The Agency

    +1 587 899 0615

    meghan at theagencyinc dot ca

    Notes to Editors:

    Process Pathways is the leading research management solution provider based in Calgary, Canada with offices in Ottawa and Halifax. The company is the creator behind the highly acclaimed on-line, database-driven software application suite, ROMEO, which is redefining the practice of research project management in Canada and now globally.

    An Enterprise Resource Planning solution for the academic community, ROMEO manages certifications, tracks status and facilitates smooth fund disbursement helping research administrators meet the important financial and legal compliance requirements all while integrating seamlessly with other mission-critical enterprise applications. For more information go to

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    WASHINGTON, DC (MMD Newswire) December 20, 2012 -- The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law announced today the expansion of its Board of Directors to include two nationally prominent professionals. The Brandeis Center, or LDB, was established last year to combat campus anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on American college and university campuses. Rachel Lerman, a member of LDB's Legal Advisory Board, is an appellate litigation partner at Akin Gump in Los Angeles. Adam S. Feuerstein, a newcomer to LDB, is a tax specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Washington, D.C., with substantial experience counseling nonprofit organizations.

    The expansion comes as the LDB ramps up its activities at the start of its second year of operations. Last week, the civil rights organization launched a nationwide initiative to educate lawyers on how to defend the civil rights of Jewish and Israeli American college and university students. Last month, LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus was named to the Forward 50 in recognition of the Brandeis Center's efforts to combat discrimination against Jewish students. LDB's new Best Practices Guide to Combating Campus Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism provides university administrators with a blueprint for protecting Jewish students' rights consistent with the freedom of speech and academic freedom.

    Kenneth Marcus commented, "Adam and Rachel are outstanding lawyers, and they join us at a propitious time. We are making great progress, expanding rapidly and having a significant impact. Their skills and experience will provide us with enormous strength, especially in appellate litigation and nonprofit governance, as we ramp up our campaign against campus anti-Semitism."

    About Adam S. Feuerstein

    Adam S. Feuerstein is a Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law. His practice encompasses a broad range of transactional and tax planning matters. He regularly advises taxable and tax-exempt clients on issues involving commercial transactions, including the tax aspects of forming strategic joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations; structuring private equity, venture capital, real estate, and other investment funds; and effecting acquisitions, dispositions, mergers, and public offerings. Mr. Feuerstein regularly advises non-profit organizations regarding federal and state tax exemptions, the structure of their investments, campaign and lobbying activities and the application of the unrelated business income tax. He holds degrees from Harvard Law School, the Kennedy School of Government, and Cornell University.

    About L. Rachel Lerman

    L. Rachel Lerman is a partner in Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, where she focuses on appellate and trial strategy in complex civil and financial restructuring cases. She is a member of the California Bar and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and all of the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals. Before entering private practice, she served as a law clerk to the late Honorable Thomas G. Nelson of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Ms. Lerman is a member of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers, sits on the executive board of the Constitutional Rights Foundation and serves on the L.A. County Bar Association's Appellate Courts Committee. She teaches, lectures, and writes on different aspects of appellate practice. Ms. Lerman holds degrees from Yale College, Syracuse University, and the U.C. Berkeley School of Law.

    About the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and Campus Anti-Semitism

    The Louis D. Brandeis Center, Inc., or LDB, is an independent, nonprofit organization established to advance the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and promote justice for all. The Brandeis Center conducts research, education, and advocacy to combat the resurgence of anti-Semitism on college and university campuses. It is not affiliated with the Massachusetts University, the Kentucky law school, or any of the other institutions which share the name and honor the memory of the late U.S. Supreme Court justice.

    For more information, write, contact Kenneth L. Marcus (202) 756-1822, or find us at

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    December 20, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- Editor in Chief and CEO of African Leadership magazine, Dr. Ken Giami has been honoured with a Doctorate degree in Communication Arts (Honoris Causa) by the Commonwealth University and Abbey College - London Graduate School.

    The graduation ceremony which took place on 19 December 2012 in Dubai UAE also had the former Deputy Governor of Rivers State Nigeria and Chairman Council of Traditional Rulers, His Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Frank Eke; His Lordship Bishop Dr. Niyi Ogunnaiki, and Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Babangida, Son of former Nigeria's Military President, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB), also receiving honorary doctorate degrees

    Delivering his convocation address, the Deputy Chancellor of the University, Prof. Bruce Duncan, thanked the honorary degree recipients for their enormous contributions and outstanding leadership in their communities and urged them to continue modelling best practices as they champion positive change in society. Diploma, bachelors and masters degrees were also presented to students for successful completion of their academic course of study.

    Dr. Ken Giamiis adynamic and innovative Nigerian Role model, motivational speaker and author. His quest for good governance and responsive leadership for countries in sub Saharan Africa led him to establishthe Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), an NGO currently in special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economicand Social Council (UN ECOSOC). As publisher and Editor in Chief of the highly rated African Leadership magazine,a journalaimed at generating debates onissues related to promoting good governance and accountable leadership in Africa, he has continued to use media platforms to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and development in Africa. Dr. Giami is also an astute Businessman with interests in Real Estate, Investment promotion, Renewable Energy & Environmental Remediation, and Communications consultancy. He serves as Chairman of the Nigeria Indonesia Commercial Association. Dr. Ken Giami has a Bachelors degree in Government and Public Administration and is concluding a Masters degree atthe York St. John University in the UK.

    About African Leadership magazine

    The African Leadership magazine Group focuses on bringing the best of Africa to a global audience while evolving solutions to peculiar challenges being faced by the continent today. The magazine believes that for Africa to optimize her competitiveness, she must position itself strategically in the global community and market place. African Leadership magazine is therefore positioning itself as the vehicle of choice in the vanguard of showcasing the continent's continual growth in the political, economic and socio-cultural indices used as benchmarks of international development. The magazine seeks to herald the dawn of a new Africa as the continent of promise and global leadership, championed by people of integrity and resilience and passionately committed to the development of the next generation of African leaders.

    Contact: Kingsley Okeke

    Editor, African Leadership magaziue

    +234 703 682 7724


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    December 6, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- PRO-TOOLS has just announced that they make die sets for the JMR Sportsman bender. The die sets range from ½" outside diameter, 2" centerline radius to 2" outside diameter, 7" centerline radius for Round Tube; both in 120 degree and 240 degree. Also available are metric, square, and pipe die sets along with custom die sets.

    To help the lower budget fabricators complete their projects, PRO-TOOLS decided to make dies that would fit the JMR Sportsman at a price point that is competitive and a lead-time that is necessary to get the job done. Skilled craftsmen proudly make all PRO-TOOLS Tube & Pipe Benders, Notchers, Large Radius Benders, Bead Rollers, and Tube Bead Rollers here in the USA. All steel die sets have a Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

    These new die sets are added to PRO-TOOLS already extensive selection of their own name brand pipe benders, tube benders, notchers, and bead rollers. So no matter what you want to bend or your budget, PRO-TOOLS has what you need.

    PRO-TOOLS a tube and pipe bender manufacturer has been in business 20+ years and we have customers all over the world. Our facility is located at 7616 Industrial Lane, Tampa, Fl. 33637-6715. Feel free to contact our sales staff at (813) 986-9000. We are here to help the metal fabricator get the job done and within budget.

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    ROCKVILLE, MD (MMD Newswire) December 6, 2012 -- Apex Companies, LLC - a leading national energy, water resources and environmental consulting and engineering firm - has named Doug Newton Division Manager of its Malvern, Pennsylvania office.

    Newton brings more than 30 years of professional experience to Apex, including environmental consulting for industrial and commercial clients throughout the U.S. In addition to his technical experience, he's served in several operational and business development roles, including office management, as well as market sector and national accounts management.

    Responsible for the development, growth, senior technical oversight and execution of environmental programs in and around Pennsylvania, Newton will also leverage pre-existing relationships to capture additional revenue in the region.

    "Doug's diverse experience in the fields of geology and hydrogeology will be a valuable asset for Apex in Pennsylvania and companywide," says Bob Brackett, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Apex. "His prior successes securing MSAs with independent oil & gas operators and national financial and real estate investing firms were extremely impressive, as we look to advance these business units in the region and nationally."

    Newton holds a BS in Geology from Oneonta State College and a MS in Geology from West Virginia University.

    Focused on minimizing environmental liabilities and hurdles to maximize client's business opportunities, Apex recently acquired TITAN Engineering (Dallas, TX) and Ash Creek Associates (Portland, OR), privately held environmental and engineering services firms. The company's prominent M&A efforts have expanded the company's presence in Texas and various west coast markets, as well as enhanced oil and gas, and water related services throughout the country.

    Recently named a Top 200 Environmental Firm and Top 500 Design Firm by Engineering News-Record Magazine (ENR Magazine), Apex is a portfolio company of Tailwind Capital, a private equity firm focused on investing in growth-oriented middle market companies.

    For more information:, 301.417.0200.

    About Apex Companies

    Founded in 1988, Apex Companies, LLC is a leading national water resources and environmental services consulting and engineering firm dedicated to providing private and public sector clients with full-service, single-source solutions for routine and complex projects. Clients rely on the Company to provide the technical expertise and solutions requisite in the industry, while differentiating itself with a quick response time, professional performance, high-quality results and cost efficiency. Apex employs more than 450 professionals, including geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, air quality experts, environmental scientists, industrial hygienists, safety specialists and field technicians, across a network of more than 35 offices throughout the United States.

    Apex Companies

    Kevin Satz


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    Columbia, MD (MMD Newswire) December 7, 2012 -- An Odenton, MD project manager for PCI Strategic Management recently earned the prestigious PMP® (Project Management Professional) credential, issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). A project manager for 10 years, Kirkland C. Brown ( earned the credential through Cheetah Learning, ( an award-winning provider of global education and training for project managers and the winner of the 2008 Professional Development Provider of the Year award from PMI.

    "Earning my PMP marks a major step forward in my career development and my career prospects," said Kirkland. "With so much at stake, I wanted to make sure I could get it right the first time but didn't want to spend six months or more to prepare. When I learned about the four-day accelerated PMP exam prep at Cheetah Learning, its high pass rate of 95 percent and its money-back guarantee for the PMP exam prep program, I knew that was the way to go."

    According to the Project Management Institute, the PMP credential is a globally recognized standard that recognizes demonstrated knowledge and skill in leading and directing project teams and in delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources. Candidates seeking certification as Project Management Professionals must meet benchmarks for experience and education, and pass a rigorous 200-question, four-hour test.

    "I was most impressed with how comprehensive the Cheetah Learning approach was, from advice on lifestyle changes (diet and exercise); to tools and techniques that helped me retain information quickly and easily using their proprietary accelerated learning techniques." Kirkland said.

    A graduate of Park University, Kirkland is currently a Senior Systems Engineer at PCI Strategic Management and is a member of PMI, INCOSE, and AFCEA.

    "I'd like to congratulate Kirkland on this important step," said Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, founder of Cheetah Learning and named one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Project Management in the World by PMI. "With all the challenges facing our country and our businesses, certified project managers can offer the skills and tools to make a difference," she said, "but Cheetah PMPs have an edge in learning how to achieve results quickly and effectively using our proprietary methods."

    Certified PMPs' grasp of the methodologies and tools of PMI streamlines each step in projects from planning and budgeting to implementation, monitoring and reporting. More and more public and private sector employers are requiring their project managers to obtain certification, and studies by the PMI and Certification magazine show that holders of the PMP credential can earn more money, and have more job security than those without the credential. PMI's certification program maintains an ISO 9001 accreditation in quality management systems. ISO 9001 is an international standard that validates compliance with quality management processes and performance metrics.

    "PMI" is a service and trademark and "PMP" and the PMP logo are certification marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which are registered in the United States and other nations.


    Kirkland C. Brown


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    Ottawa, ON (MMD Newswire) December 7, 2012 -- EnWin Utilities Ltd. (EnWin) has chosen Harris Utilities to enhance its customer services and enable consumers to better manage their resources. EnWin will deploy NorthStar for its customer information system (CIS), MeterSense for its meter data management (MDM) and CustomerConnect for its customer engagement solution (CES).

    The Windsor local distribution company needed a system that would turn raw meter data into high-quality, actionable intelligence. EnWin wanted to give its customers the tools they need to measure, monitor and manage usage patterns, assess usage data and oversee account-management functions.

    The NorthStar solution will integrate the utility's key applications and provide access to actionable data across the entire CIS, which will enable EnWin to better focus on the customer-impacting aspects of its operations. By transforming meter data into valuable business intelligence and connecting utilities with their customers in innovative new ways, MeterSense and CustomerConnect will help EnWin improve operations and enhance customer service.

    "We're thrilled to be able to provide our customers with the tools they need to first understand and then better manage utility costs," said Michael Duben, Vice President, Customer Relations at EnWin. "Over the next 18 months we will implement technology that will empower our residential and commercial customers with the information they need to make smart decisions about consumption, conservation and cost control."

    "Utilities see how powerful it can be to bring the value and intelligence of the smart grid directly to consumers," said Norm Daigle, executive vice-president of Harris Utilities SmartWorks. "Putting end users in command of their own resource use is the quickest and most comprehensive way for utilities to achieve demand management."

    EnWin will be able to take essential data that residential and commercial consumers need to track and modify consumption, engage in crucial resource conservation programs, give them direct, unprecedented insight into their resource-use patterns and deliver a new bill format to its customers. With better awareness, their customers will make smarter choices, save money on their utility bills and help EnWin meet its conservation goals.

    "Over 40 utilities across Ontario have chosen Harris Utilities' smart grid technology in order to meet the province's new time-of-use regulations," said Daigle. "We draw upon 35 years' of industry-specific experience to deliver the most relevant and best possible solution for each one of our thousands of customers across North America and the Caribbean."

    EnWin turned to Harris Utilities not only because of its strength and expertise in the deregulated electric market in Ontario, but also its implementation experience and commitment to smart grid innovation.

    About EnWin Utilities Ltd.

    EnWin Utilities Ltd. is Windsor's Local Distribution Company, responsible for the distribution of electricity and the servicing and maintenance of Windsor's power line infrastructure. As well, EnWin Utilities Ltd. is a management services company providing fleet, billing, collections, credit, financial, human resources, customer service, and information technology services to Windsor Utilities Commission and the City of Windsor.

    About Harris Utilities SmartWorks

    SmartWorks is the innovation engine of Harris Utilities. Harris Utilities SmartWorks' current portfolio includes two key solutions. The first is MeterSense, a scalable, configurable and powerful meter data management (MDM) solution that quickly manages and intelligently interprets growing volumes of critical smart meter data. The second, CustomerConnect, is a customer engagement solution that gives customers direct, web-based access to account information and unprecedented insight into resource use which helps utilities demonstrate the value of, and power behind, their smart infrastructure investments. For detailed product information, please visit and

    About NorthStar Utilities Solutions

    NorthStar has served the utility market for more than 34 years. A division of Harris Utilities, NorthStar delivers integrated solutions for utilities' billing, customer information, and financial and meter data management needs. More than 250 customers in North America, the Pacific and the Caribbean use NorthStar solutions to manage revenues, deliver superior customer service, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. For more information, please visit

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    LANGLEY, British Columbia (MMD Newswire) December 7, 2012 -- Claire Suchy has been announced as the new Program Director for the H.E.R. Women's Treatment Facility at the LDR Holistic Addiction Wellness Centre in White Rock, British Columbia.

    Suchy has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and currently owns a private practice focusing on clients who have had trauma related to addiction. Her expertise specifically focuses on clients who have experienced traumas such as childhood abuse, physical and emotional abuse, accidents and injuries.

    "There is a direct relationship between trauma and addiction," says Suchy. "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder causes your brain and body to constantly operate on high alert, so your body never gets a chance to recuperate. Your immune system is overworked meaning you probably get sick more often, your heart and lungs work way too hard, and your muscles get strained from being too tense. This constant state of stress puts you at risk for diabetes, heart attack, obesity, depression, concentration problems, and even certain types of cancer. What started as a way to protect you from trauma has become a real problem."

    Suchy's hope is to integrate the trauma theory and use trauma therapy when it is relevant to the the women undergoing treatment at the H.E.R. Women's Treatment Facility. With more research on trauma, she hopes to build a solid and complete holistic program for LDR's Holistic Programs.

    For more information:

    Claire Suchy


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    Jacksonville, FL (MMD Newswire) December 7, 2012 -- TriageLogic announces a new feature that enables their triage nurses to send secure, encrypted and HIPPA compliant text messages to the on-call providers. The on-call provider receives the encrypted text message and is able to decrypt it securely and see the entire message. This allows providers to call their patients back by clicking on the phone number on the screen. This module saves physicians the need to return the call to the nurse triage to get the patient's information, saving valuable physician time.

    An important feature of the system is that it does not require the provider to download an app or have any special software on their phone. According to Dr. Ravi Raheja, founder and CEO of TriageLogic, "The system works with any smartphone and can also be accessed securely via email if they choose. During the entire process, patient information never gets sent over the public cell phone networks and only the provider can decrypt the message. Therefore the system is completely secure and HIPAA-compliant."

    According to Dr. Charu Raheja, Chair of TriageLogic, "Any patient information that goes through the cell phone networks such as Verizon or ATT is not HIPAA-compliant nor is it secure. Legal teams are making it very clear that the call centers cannot text patient information unless it is in a secure, HIPAA-compliant format and only if the patient data never crosses cell phone networks." About 40% of providers today use smart phones, and an increasing number of physicians are depending on smartphones as their single mode of communication.

    TriageLogic's team of experts is able to understand the new requirements of technology and medicine and devise innovative, cost-effective solutions to work with existing platforms. The secure texting module provides a convenience that savestime for the provider and makes the triage process more efficient.

    Highlights of Nurse Triage On Call:
    - Gold standard protocols by Barton Schmitt, MD, and David Thompson, MD
    - Prompt call back times, 30 minutes or less
    - Experienced, highly trained registered nurses
    - Highly customized standing orders -- Triagelogic nurses follow your instructions 
      specific to your practice or each physician in  your practice
    - Integrated with any practice EMR
    - Return on investment reporting

    Advanced features: HIPAA compliant texting and more

    TriageLogic Triage Call Centers

    About TriageLogic™ (

    Founded in 2005, TriageLogic is a leading provider of quality, affordable triage software and after-hours nurse triage services. From the smallest of provider practices to the largest of triage call centers, TriageLogic offers a full line of triage protocol systems and services to meet client needs. TriageLogic is a healthcare company that provides more than just healthcare software. TriageLogic integrates a unique blend of innovative communication solutions with medical expertise based on practical experience and a thorough understanding of the field. Currently, TriageLogic has two units - a software unit that develops nurse triage systems both for after-hours and day-time use; and a services unit that offers 24/7 nurse support through multiple call centers. With a national footprint, all TriageLogic solutions and services can be customized or private-labeled for each client. Whether yours is a busy private practice in need of a phone triage system, or a hospital seeking a complete after-hours call center solution, TriageLogic has a product to meet your needs.

    For more information, contact Amy Smith at (336) 529-2493 or


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    December 10, 2012 (MMD Newswire) -- The JANTEMAN® PRIZE 2012 has been awarded to Marcus Storch, the chairman of the Nobel Foundation, for his exceptional achievements by managing the Nobel Foundation (and the nomination of the infamous Nobel Prizes) as integrated part of the Swedish branch of the World Jewish Congress.

    Mr. Marcus Storchis today chairman of the Nobel Foundation, and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. He is the son of Hillel Storch who was the chairman of the Swedish branch of the World Jewish Congress. The Nobel Foundation today is the extended arm of the Swedish branch of the World Jewish Congress. They award the Nobel Prize to 137 times more frequently to Jewish candidates worldwide, and 26 times more frequently to those in America, than would be expected from the size of the Jewish population. The proportion of Jewish laureates more than doubled (2.3-fold increase) after the Second World War owing to the explosion of Prizes shared between Jews and Gentiles (8.8-fold increase),[see references].


    The Nobel Foundation today (112 years after start) is a faithful representative body of Jewish communities and organizations in nearly 100 countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe, across six continents. It seeks to foster the unity and creative survival of the Jewish people while maintaining its spiritual, cultural and social heritage.

    Towards these ends, the Nobel Foundation works to

    1. Secure the rights and safety Jews and Jewish communities around the world;

    2. Intensify the bonds of world Jewry and strengthen the ties of solidarity among Jewish communities everywhere;

    3. Act in coordination with and on behalf of Jewish communities before governmental, intergovernmental and other international authorities on matters concerning the Jewish people; and

    4. Cooperate with all peoples on the basis of universal ideas of peace, freedom and justice.

    The core principle of the Nobel Foundation today is that all Jews are responsible for one another. It seeks to achieve this by governing with consensus and celebrating unity in the Jews vast diversity. As they have been for nearly three quarters of a century (after the Holocaust), the Nobel Foundation continues to be the permanent address of the Jewish people.

    Bravo Janteman®!


    1. Biro: The Jewish Bias of the Nobel Prize. 2011

    2. Biro & Cohen: The Jewish God,

    3. Biro: The Swedish God. 2011


    Media Contact:

    The Nobel Foundation, Tel. +46 (0)8 663 09 20 - Fax +46 (0)8 660 38 47 -

    Jan Charles Biro MD. PhD, Honorary Professor at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden - 1 213 627 6134 -


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    Cincinnati, Ohio (MMD Newswire) December 10, 2012 -- .ARGUS TRAQPak data is serial-number specific aircraft arrival and departure information on all IFR flights in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. The tables below reflect business aircraft activity data for November 1-30, 2012 vs. October 1-31, 2012 and November 1-30, 2012 vs. November 1-30, 2011 respectively. A copy of this report and previous reports can be found at

    November 2012 flight activity dips after robust October. TRAQPak data shows that November 2012 flight activity levels decreased from October, finishing the month down 6.3% overall. The results by operational category were down for all 3 categories led by fractional activity which finished the month down 8.0%. Part 91 and Part 135 flight activity were down 7.8% and 2.9% respectively. Aircraft category results followed the path of the operational categories and finished down across the board. Turboprop flight activity saw the biggest month over month decline, finishing down 9.9%. Mid-size cabin aircraft finished down 4.6%, followed by large and small cabin aircraft, which finished down 4.3% and 4.2% in that order. Looking at individual market segments the fractional turboprop segments posted a 31.7% month over month decrease*, while the part 135 large cabin segment posted a 3.9% month over month increase.

    Reviewing year over year activity (November 2012 vs. November 2011), TRAQPak data indicates an overall decrease of 2.3%. Results by operational category weren't all negative for the period, with Part 135 activity posting a positive year over year increase of 5.6%. The Part 91 and fractional markets posted year over year decreases of 3.6% and 12.2% respectively. Looking at activity by aircraft category; only the small cabin sector finished the timeframe on the positive side, up 2.0% year over year. The turboprop market saw the biggest year over year decline, finishing down 7.1%. Large and mid-size cabin aircraft finished down 0.3% and 0.8% respectively. Looking at individual market segments the Part 135 small cabin market posted the largest year over year increase, up 11.0%, while the fractional turboprop market showed the largest decline down 40.6%*.

    About ARGUS

    ARGUS International Inc. (ARGUS) is a specialized aviation services company with global expertise whose mission is to provide the aviation marketplace with the information needed to make informed decisions and manage risk. ARGUS services include the CHEQ proprietary charter operator rating and due diligence program, TRAQPak market intelligence data and research services, and aviation consulting. ARGUS subsidiaries include ARGUS PROS, the leading provider of on-site safety audits and PRISM, the industry's most advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS) solutions provider and recognized certification consultant.

    Founded in 1995, ARGUS is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, and actively engaged with business activities in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and the Middle East and Africa.


    ARGUS Contact: Kendra Christin 513-852-1010

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    Brisbane Technology Park
    Suite 328
    7 Clunies Ross Court
    Eight Mile Plains
    QLD 4113 Australia
    ABN 316 4201 9211

    Penny Auction Website Gives Away Free Money, Happy Credits and Free Prizes for December Grand Opening is piling on the incentives for it's worldwide grand opening promotion. Online shoppers are urged to take advantage of Free Registion, Free credits, Free products, and Free shipping for the month of December.

    Queensland, Australia (MMD Newswire) December 10, 2012 -- is telling customers all across the world to save their pennies and place an auction bid rather than make a wish.The penny auction website,featuring everything from iPad Minis to Macbooks, surface tablets, and gift cards, is piling on customer-friendly incentives for their global grand opening for December 2012.

    New online viewers are not only invited to register for the auctions for free, but are also being given 75 free credits to get started. For their one-month global opening, 75 credits are being offered for FREE. It's all FREE

    Penny Auction Website Penny Auction Website

    In addition to the live auctions, which are awarded to the last bidder whenever the remaining time reaches zero, users can also join the community and enjoy interacting with users scattered across multiple countries. The website combines the concept of penny auctions with global unique bid auctions with social networking community features. Much expense has been given to creating an easy-to-navigate site featuring a list of winners, a calendar of upcoming auctions, an invite friends feature and a company blog.

    There are actually three types of auctions in addition to the most popular Penny Auction, including a Reveal Price Auction, Lowest Unique Bid Auction, and Mystery Number Auction.

    CEO and founder Craig Merwood states that the company is capitalizing on the power of online shopping targeting home shoppers that are looking for a bargain. It's all about our customers.

    With the holiday season quickly approaching, this may be an ideal time for customers to shop for Free new merchandise.

    To register for 75 Free credits and the "100% off Global Grand Opening" promotion, visit and click "Register for Free" to get started.

    About Penny Deals Daily: Penny Deals Daily was founded by Craig Merwood and Leigh Mackay. The auction site launches in December 2012 and works with trusted brands such as PayPal, Skrill Moneybookers and all major credit card companies.


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    ROCKVILLE, MD (MMD Newswire) December 11, 2012 -- Apex Companies, LLC - a leading national energy, water resources and environmental consulting and engineering firm - has named Michael Bingham Senior Project Manager, based out of the company's Boston, MA office.

    A Licensed Site Professional, Bingham's primary focus will be providing Brownfield and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection oversight to our municipal, industrial and commercial client base. Additionally, he'll assist with overall office business development activities and supporting the regional staffs' professional development.

    "Mike's nearly 30 years of environmental services support will be an outstanding addition to our growing region," says Kelly HurstakuirH, Boston's Division Manager. "As we continue to look to expand and create new opportunities in New England, Mike's breadth of professional experience and relationships in the northeast will be a great asset."

    Apex Companies Names Michael Bingham Senior Project Manager

    Focused on minimizing environmental liabilities and hurdles to maximize client's business opportunities, Apex recently acquired TITAN Engineering, Inc. (Dallas, TX) and Ash Creek Associates, Inc. (Portland, OR), privately held environmental and engineering services firms. The company's prominent M&A efforts have expanded the company's presence in Texas and various west coast markets, as well as enhanced oil and gas, and water related services throughout the country.

    Recently named a Top 200 Environmental Firm and Top 500 Design Firm by Engineering News-Record Magazine (ENR Magazine), Apex is a portfolio company of Tailwind Capital, a private equity firm focused on investing in growth-oriented middle market companies.

    For more information:, 301.417.0200.

    About Apex Companies

    Founded in 1988, Apex Companies, LLC is a leading national water resources and environmental services consulting and engineering firm dedicated to providing private and public sector clients with full-service, single-source solutions for routine and complex projects. Clients rely on the Company to provide the technical expertise and solutions requisite in the industry, while differentiating itself with a quick response time, professional performance, high-quality results and cost efficiency. Apex employs more than 450 professionals, including geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, air quality experts, environmental scientists, industrial hygienists, safety specialists and field technicians, across a network of more than 35 offices throughout the United States.

    Apex Companies

    Kevin Satz


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